5 Ways to Tastier Vegetables

spiralized vegetables 1It’s OK to admit that vegetables haven’t always been your favorite food or even a food that you appreciated eating every day.

It doesn’t take too many dishes of overly steamed, boiled, or canned vegetables to decide that there are better foods to call “friendly.”

Still, most of us grew up hearing often enough that vegetables are good for us, so as adults we have, for our own continued good health, and the health of our children,  learned some creative ways to make them more appealing, if not delicious.

Then, when we hear that we get the most food value from eating vegetables raw so that most of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are left intact, many people have a hard time with the “clever and creative” part of putting vegetables on the table and into the bellies surrounding it.

Here are five ways to think about being more creative about your vegetables that will guarantee more consumption of them.

Blend Them.  This, of course, is my first recommendation since Green Smoothies are pretty much daily fare with me.  If you do not yet have my E-book Green Smoothies: Your Best Quick Start to a Healthier and More Vibrant You, do download it for free right here. It’s the dark leafy green vegetables that make up the bulk of most of the recipes, but the e-book includes both sweeter, fruitier recipes as well as some more vegetable- dense savory smoothies, otherwise known as green soup.

 Spiralize Them. Trade out your go-to pasta with some vegetable noodles and be transformed!  Spiralizing vegetables will give your nutritional intake a huge boost, and the color and texture are delightful.  Vegetables that can be spiralized into noodles include, but are not limited to zucchini, yellow squash, and sweet potatoes. Others make beautiful garnishes and salad toppings.  Try beets, carrots, and radishes for starters. A favorite recipe of ours is Raw Pasta Marinara. It’s very easy to put together, and very delicious!

Dip Them. Fresh vegetables get a whole new personality when partnered with a great dip, and there are many home-made ones around that are quick, easy, and very good for you. Try this terrific Creamy Hemp Hummus or this scrumptious crowd-pleaser Onion Dip, or both!

Stack Them Up. Take a bunch of vegetables (perhaps a mixture of your favorite and not so favorite ones), and create a great Raw Lasagna.  This is just one example of what’s possible. Be creative!

 Flavor ThemDon’t underestimate your herb and spice rack.  It can be your best friend in turning vegetables from drab to fab! And all those herbs and spices, especially the fresh ones, have additional health benefits.

Try something like this, for example.  Cut up some zucchini and yellow squash into small pieces.  Figure on one whole vegetable for the group you’ll be serving.  Marinate the cut up vegetables in a mixture of chopped parsley, garlic, lime juice, olive oil, and maybe a little ginger.  Give them some time, then add some sweet corn, some chopped red onion, chives, fresh chilies, and basil.  Mix everything together so it’s coated evenly, and serve. (I had a dish like this recently put together by my wonderful chef friend Craig Cyr. Terrific!) Like I said, don’t underestimate the herbs and spices you have on hand!

There they are… 5 ways to liven up your vegetables.  They will taste great, and your body will thank you for the fine care you give it!

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