More than Grams and Calories

It’s been a longer time than usual between this newsletter/blog and the last one. It’s not because of illness or forgetfulness, thankfully, but just life. Expanding the scope and service of Abundant Raw Life Health Coaching to now include Fitness Training is a piece of it, as well as some travel after nearly two years… Read more

Enzymes Part I – Catalysts and Initiators of Life Itself

Recently a long-term Health Coaching friend of mine asked a question about enzymes on my Better Health at Any Age Facebook page. I realized then that, as much as I have read and understood about the important of food enzymes and the place they play in our overall health, I have never written about them…. Read more

The Where and How of Organic Foods

Recently I wrote about the importance of consuming mostly organic foods. If you missed that piece, you can catch up with it right here. Organic food is more expensive than conventionally grown food, for sure. Hopefully, that will change as more and more people opt for really clean food for their bodies. For now, here… Read more

Raw Food Diet Revisited

Lots of water has flowed under the bridge of my life since I first dove into a very high raw food diet in 2006. Now, well into my 12th year of learning and living and experimenting with what works best for me, I am still a very high raw vegan eater, and not 100% either…. Read more

The Case for Organic Food

Just a few generations ago, in the early 40s, we didn’t have the word “organic.” All food in those days was grown and prepared without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, or irradiation. Foods wire unrefined, whole, or minimally processed. With the advent of chemical farming and food processing after World War II, the soils and… Read more

Spring Cleaning Meets Earth Day

The warmer weather for which we have been eagerly awaiting is here, which means that spring cleaning will be happening in many homes. After being cooped up in an increasingly stuffy house all winter long, it’s time to fling open the windows, shoo away the cobwebs, and take on the annual spring cleaning.  While this… Read more

The Gifts of a Friendship that Just Keeps Growing

 Living healthy, simple, natural and justly are all one thing. – Socrates My good and long-time friend Kathleen Erickson visited this weekend.  She and I worked on some social justice projects years ago, and spent some time listening to each other “discern” as we transitioned into new avocations.  She ended up spending 18 years on… Read more

A Great Afternoon at the Columbia Library

The Columbia Raw Food Feasters meetup group met today for its monthly potluck.  We held this special meeting at the library and invited Dr. John Ikerd, professor emiritus at MU to speak about agriculture sustainability, the American food system, the changing health patterns of Americans, and mostly, the great need we have for reform in… Read more