Herbal Teas

Herbal Tea
Herbal tea combinations – as infinite as your imagination

To make teas, fill a reusable cloth or disposable paper tea bag with one tablespoon of your favorite combination of dried or fresh herbs. Put the tea bag in a glass pitcher, fill with sixteen ounces of cool — never boiled or heated – water, and let the tea steep for several hours.

Tea blends can be made with fresh or dried herbs. When using dried herbs, make sure they come from a reliable source with a high turnover. Teas made from musty, old herbs taste old and musty. Mountainroseherbs.com and frontercoop.com are reliable online sources for dried herbs and spices and essential oils.

Herbal tea combinations are as infinite as your imagination Make your own blends in large batches and store them away from the sunlight to preserve their valuable nutrients and delicious flavors.

Mint Tea

Enjoy anytime, but especially to appease an upset stomach

2 cups dried spearmint
2 cups dried peppermint
2 cups dried lemon balm

Have-A-Heart Tea

Hawthorn has been shown to have heart-healthy benefits.

1 cup dried hawthorn leaf and berries
1 cup oat tops
1 ginko leaf
1 nettle leaf
1 cup motherwort
1 cup dried hibiscus flowers

from Raw Food for Everyone, by Alissa Cohen, with Leah J. Dubois

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