Improving Your Diet in 2016? Consider a Health Coach


‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions, and the overwhelmingly high percentages of resolutions that get made every year have to do with improving diet and lifestyle. “I’m going to eat better.” “ I’m going to actually use my gym membership more.” I’m going to try that new ‘intermittent fasting’ thing; I hear that’s helpful.” “I’m going to cut down on coffee, (or wine, or chocolate, ….or whatever!) You’ve heard it all before. More than likely, you’ve said all before, just as I have, only to arrive at March vowing to drop 10 pounds before beach season begins.

There have been times in my life when I’ve had to look hard in the mirror and say, “You know, Jane, you’ve been saying the same thing year after year for a long time. Do you want to go on singing the same meaningless chorus to yourself one more year, or is 2016 going to be different because you actually do something differently – the year that you actually admit that your own best efforts have not given you the results that you want in any sort of lasting, sustainable way? Maybe it’s time to reach out and get some help.!”

Those moments of acknowledging powerlessness over things we think we should be able to manage or fix on our own can actually be quite filled with power. If this is that year for you – the year you say, “Enough of this repetitious song and dance that goes nowhere for very long – I’m going to do something different!” then read on as I share some of the benefits that may be yours by working with a Health Coach, specifically, this Health Coach.

While personal trainers, doctors, dietitians, CrossFit, along with trendy fads and diets may offer many health-related benefits, only one professional can provide a well- rounded, customized plan that will cater to your precise needs, abilities, and goals. And that person is a trained, experienced Health Coach.

As a Health Coach, I not only customize a diet plan to suit your goals and health concerns, I also encourage small changes to attain a healthy lifestyle. Working together, in incremental steps, and based on your body type, past experiences with weight loss and exercise, you’ll be able to find a plan that is made just for you.

In my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we study over 100 dietary theories. I, and other Health Coaches, continue to study about food, eating behaviors, and motivational factors long after we finish our formal training. Hence, we’re pretty good at cultivating lifestyle changes with every client, and that would include you.

Considering working with me as your Health Coach at this time of your life, no matter what your age, health, or position, means risk, I’m sure. It’s the risk that comes most naturally with opening yourself, really, to the idea of a newer, healthier you—a you that can then enjoy life with much more energy, fewer aches and pains, fewer unwanted pounds, and, in most cases, diminishment or elimination of symptoms from chronic illnesses. The simple truth is this – individuals thrive on diets custom made for them. My goal is, in knowing you, your history, your sensitivities, and desires, to uncover the right combination of foods, exercise, rest, socialization, etc. that are right for you.

There is other good news, as well, when you have your own Health Coach who treats you as the unique individual that you are. Medical bills will be reduced. You’ll have more energy, less stress, and the improved self-confidence that comes from you knowing exactly how to take good care of yourself with your improved knowledge about how to stay healthy and vibrantly alive.

There you have it. If this is your year to finally do something different from your past efforts at improving your overall wellness, contact me to see if I’m the one for you. I may not be, and if that’s the case, that will be good information for you to have as you seek someone to assist you.

My contact information is in the sidebar, just under the green logo. I welcome your get acquainted call or email. I would love to hear from you.


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