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I got an email from a long time friend today.  We have alot in common—both raised 7 children, have been very active women in developing women’s roles in the Church.  We are very close in age.  Some months ago, after she had seen some raw food related posts on my facebook page, she asked me about making green smoothies.  I sent her some directions and she incorporated daily green smoothies into her life.  Naturally, she began to fel more alive, more vibrant.  She didn’t say if she lost any weight or not, but I suspect she might have, although she has always kept herself pretty trim and fit.  Anyway, I hadn’t heard from er for awhile, and today she wrote with the news that she had attended a “meet the author” event at a local bookstore in Las Vegas where she lives.  The speaker was an author of a raw food preparation book, the name of which escapes me now, but she inspired Charlotte, who then sent inquiries tome about such thngs as dehydrators and sprouting mechanisms.  We emailed back and forth for a good part ofthe morning.  It was so wonderful to hear of her progress into the  raw food lifestyle. It gave me goosebumps, it did!  She has also signed up on ;a raw food meetup site. I hope she’ll attend a potluck soon.  Having some support is very helpfuland, shall we say “normalizing.?”  More on that thought later.
My latest “growing edge” is to start a newsletter for my raw food classs students.  I hope to get a little something out this weekend.

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