Premier French Dressing

2 parts flax seed oil or hemp seed oil
1 part fresh lemon juice or balsamic vinegar
small amount agave or maple syrup
tiny amount sea salt or Nama Shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce. You could also use Tamari – gluten-free soy sauce. JWS)
a pinch of Frontier Seasonings Pizza spice
a pinch of cayenne pepper

I do not mix this in a bowl, I pour each item directly on the salad
then toss or use the toss n chop on it.

for One serving:
2 Tablespoons oil, 1 Tablespoon lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon agave
or maple, pinch sea salt or 1/4 teaspoon nama, pinch seasonings

This recipe has lots of varieties.  Be creative.

from  The Raw Gourmet, by Nomi Shannon

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