Raw Food Goes to a Yoga Conference

I recently took a trip with two daughters and a friend to my first weekend long yoga conference.  Oh, my!  Lots of yoga of all sorts and it was all wonderful.  All the meals were on our own, which is always a little scary for me when travelling.  I was well prepared. We had a kitchen to work with where we stayed, and I was able to use a blender for as many green smoothies in a day as I might need. 

The Healtiest Drink in the World!

Here’s the thing.  When doing yoga, it’s best not to have a stomach full of heavy food. In fact, the recommendation is usually to practice on an empty stomach.  This works out well for a raw diet like mine, where the  food is not heavy to start with, and I could make it even easier on my digestive system by drinking, rather than chewing and then having to digest) two meals a day. We were able to buy fruits and lots of leafy greens locally, and I made some raw trail mix in advance, and packed some raw bars. 

All sorts of raw nuts and seeds, plus raisins,
gogi berries, date pieces, other dried fruits, etc.
  ‘Keeps  very well and is a wonderful supplement
 to raw fruits and vegetables.

 Keep the food simple was my motto, which worked out very well with three yoga practices a day.

Truly, keeping up with a crowed full of much younger people was work enough.  I gave my body the best nourishment possible, and thus  maximized my abilities on the yoga mat and my fun quotient off the mat.  My body felt clean and supple all weekend.  I’m grateful for that.  No distractions from the arduous, rewarding  yoga work.

3 Smith Women in Colorado–
Jane with daughters Suzanne and Lisa
Great time!

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