Enjoy the Fall Apple Harvest

Crisp, juicy apples are a fall tradition. Take advantage of the bountiful selection of apples that are available at this time of year. There are hundreds of varieties to sample, and they range from yellow to green, crunchy to tender, sweet to tart, and simple to complex. October is a great month for experimenting with… Read more

Kelp — A Health Gift from the Sea

Nutritious Gift I ran across an article recently about kelp, a sea vegetable, being very helpful in weight loss.  Lots of things, it seems, are helpful in weight loss, always a popular topic, and I will share some of what this article said….in a minute. First, though, let’s talk about sea vegetables and algae in… Read more

My Favorite Recipes – Watermelon Soup

A great addition to any summer meal I couldn’t let the summer go by without recommending this delicious recipe to you. I think I’ve made four batches so far this summer, and there will surely be more before we swing into fall.Watermelon soup is very tasty. It is helpful in alleviating depression and is a… Read more