The Benefits of Fresh, Homemade Almond Milk

One of my Health Coaching clients and I made some fresh almond milk this week.  It’s so easy, and so delicious, and so nutritionally superior, as well as easier on the pocket book than the “store-bought” varieties, I think the subject deserves a little attention.


The  first thing to notice is that packaged, cooked almond milk is now available in grocery stores everywhere.  It’s probably a sign of the times that more mainstream, Standard American Diet (SAD) grocery shoppers are now avoiding dairy when possible, (which is another story), and opting for heart-healthy almonds.  I’ve heard that it can even be used in place of milk in many cooked recipes.

Although the switch to almond milk is an improvement on dairy consumption, there is still a bif difference between cooked, packaged almond milk and fresh, raw, homemade almond milk.  The energy and life-force in the cooked milk is boiled out, whereas raw almond milk, most often made with soaked, germinated almonds is packed with this energizing life force.

Additionally, and this is important, when you make your own almond milk, you are familiar with all the ingredients that you choose to add.  Almond milk can be as simple as just almonds and water, or you can add honey, dates, a dash of oil and salt, a little vanilla, cinnamon, raw cacao, etc.  Cooked almond milks contain stabilizers, thickeners, and flavor enhancers all of which are chemical additives that detract the pure nutritional value and add unnecessary toxins.
If you’re interested in this line of thought, try googling any common ingredient found on a package of cooked almond milk.  One fascinating article, for example, can be found at



Truly, good people, it’s a good thing to start making your own almond milk, and perhaps then other nut milks like Brazil, cashew, etc., and seed milks like sunflower, hemp, sesame, etc.  To start, enjoy the recipe below.  Once you do it once or twice, you won’t even notice the 5-10 minutes it takes to make it, and you’ll love the fact that you are providing yourself and your family the superior beverage.


Almonds are the only nuts that are known to alkalize the blood, while all others acidify blood.  Almonds are also highest of all nuts in arginine, an amino acid that boosts the immune system and inhibits tumor growth.
1 cup almonds –as raw as you can get them—soaked about 12 hours.
3 cups water
1 TBS raw honey or raw agave nectar
1.   In a blender or Vita-Mix, blend the almonds and water and sweetener until smooth.
2.   Strain through a cheese cloth, nut milk bag, or fine strainer, or use as is.
Note : You can use other nuts such as Brazils, hazelnuts (filberts), cashews, or seeds, such as sunflower or hemp.



2 Tbs. raw almond butter
2 cups water
Pinch  of sea salt



Place almond butter, water, and sea salt in a blender and pure`e until smooth. (Sweeten to taste with your favorite sweetener).

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