Three Habits of Successful People

List to doMost of us have some things going on in our lives at which we’d like to be successful.

Those things don’t have to be about fame and fortune, or in other ways we usually hear the term “success.” Some of the things that we are trying to improve in the areas of our diet and lifestyle also count as the pursuit of success.

Right now, for example, I am trying to not snack so much during the day.  (It’s an easy habit to roll into after retirement.) Maybe your goal is to lose 10 lbs., or eat healthier meals, or get more regular exercise, or attend more to bedtime routines that actually encourage restful sleep.

How well we know that there are ways to improve!

The question is, how do we build habits that can help us achieve the health outcomes that we want for ourselves?

One thing we can do is borrow some good ideas from some people who have achieved “success” as we usually understand it, and apply some of their best ideas to our own efforts to operate more efficiently or smoothly with the daily events in our lives.

It’s all about the routines!

The most successful people in big ways and small ways all have certain habits in their daily routines.  Those daily routines contribute to successful outcomes.  One very helpful strategy for building a successful project or a successful life involves the art of list making.  And it begins before the day even begins — the night before.

Today I am sharing what makes successful people successful. Try this approach to build the success into areas of your life where you’d most like to see improvement. Improve chronic health conditions?  Relieve aches and pains?  Lose weight?  Pick an area where you’d like to see more achievement — and begin.

1. Plan Your Day the Night Before

Every minute spent in planning saves 10 minutes in execution. Relax with a piece of paper and a pencil, and write down everything you want to accomplish the next day. Truly, some people do a better job if the list making happens the very first thing in the morning.  Either way, having a list gives you centeredness and focus, both very helpful in achieving success with any project or life-plan. Writing helps to clarify your thinking and goals and possibilities.  It also forces you to think at a higher level, and, according to several studies on the subject, will increase your positive outcomes by 25%.

2. Prioritize the Items on Your List

You may have heard of the 80/20 rule brought to us by the leadership and organizational development people.  It means that if you have 10 things listed to do for a day, two will be more important than all the others put together. Sometimes it’s not clear which things actually are the most important.  A question that can help you prioritize is to ask yourself, “What is the most important thing for me to concentrate on as I pursue my health improvement goals?”

3. Complete the Most Important Task First.

Begin immediate the most important task. Focus on it and only it until it is completed. Success of any sort in life comes from having completed a project, or many of them, and living a life of good habits that will support you in completing more life-fulfilling activities.

Sometimes getting one project completed means doing several or multiple tasks all of which contribute to finishing the main task. In this case, the best way to complete what you have identified as the most important task is to prioritize the multi-tasks on which its completion depends. Hence the term “multi-tasking.” At any rate, the experts tell us that productivity can increase by 50% by starting each day with concentration on the most important task.

If you can develop these 3 habits of successful people, and apply them to various parts of your quest for better health and an increased sense of well-being, meeting your goals will become a reality rather than a vague wish or dream.

Here they are again

Plan your day the night before

Organize your tasks to do in order of importance

Complete the most important task first thing during  your day.

Go for it!  You deserve to have maximum outcomes from the efforts you make at being as healthy, vibrant, and energetic as you’d like to be.

Now, let us hear from you. If you have been successful at applying these three habits, or have a specific area of your health and wellness pursuits in which you’d like to incorporate them, share them in the comments section below.  Things that you are trying to make better in yourself can be an enormous help to someone you’ve perhaps never met. Try it!-

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