You Can Eat Well on a Budget

Healthy on Any Budget
Eat Healthy on Any Budget

It is possible to eat either well or poorly on big food budgets as well as small ones.

When there is difficulty in life, and stress levels are running high, it is more important than ever to eat well in order to maintain good physical health and a high level of immunity. If you can keep your own equilibrium in-tact – physically — you are also better able to reach out and make a positive difference in the lives others– those who are close to you, as well as others in your work-place, community….wherever.

When you are feeling secure about the high level of your natural immunity, it is also easier to steer clear of the fear which is so rampant in the news and on the internet. This sort of confidence in your own health and energy takes time to acquire, no doubt. Here are a few ideas to keep your resolve to eat healthy, even if your resources are limited. Good health is worth some creative thinking.

Farmers' Markets - a good place to shop
Shop at different stores, including Farmers’ Markets

Don’t go to the same stores all the time. Each place carries a slightly different mix of fresh and organic foods, and runs different specials at different times. Visit Asian, Phillipino and Latin markets, and don’t forget about the growing number of farmers’ markets available.

Some foods such as apples, oranges, bananas, carrots, and cabbage are available all year long, and usually are affordable.

Gathering a group of friends together to purchase food in a co-op is a money-saver, and can sometimes make for wholesale prices. At local CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), fresh, seasonal foods good local food is usually very reasonably priced.

Scrutinize the reduced produce. Often it is still very fresh, but just not as pretty as the regularly priced offerings. Bananas, for example are often marked down, and can always be peeled and frozen for a variety of puddings, pies, and other treats.

Young coconuts, various sprouts, and interesting greens are usually much less expensive in Asian markets than in supermarkets.

Root vegetables are a good deal
Root vegetables are nutritious, economical, and keep well.

Root vegetables are inexpensive, last a good while, and are full of nutrients, minerals and fiber. Look for parsnips, turnips, rutabaga, parsley root, celery root, and, of course, the familiar beets, carrots, and yams.

Growing your own sprouts is extremely economical, is very easy to do, and provides excellent nutritional support. If you need more information on the how-to part of this healthy eating method, contact me here.

Stock up one time on pantry essentials, then replenish as needed. Buying them in bulk can be a good money-saver. Health food stores generally have a good variety. If you buy them on line, the more you order you order at one time, the less per pound the shipping will cost.

There are many ways to think creatively about eating healthier. These ideas may trigger some even better ones in your own thinking. In any case, don’t assume for a minute that because your budget for food is low, you are doomed to eat low quality food. It’s always about choice. Eat well…..Live well.

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