A Great Afternoon at the Columbia Library

The Columbia Raw Food Feasters meetup group met today for its monthly potluck.  We held this special meeting at the library and invited Dr. John Ikerd, professor emiritus at MU to speak about agriculture sustainability, the American food system, the changing health patterns of Americans, and mostly, the great need we have for reform in these areas.  We invited the public, which is a new outreach effort for our group, which usually has between 25 and 35 members and guests attend each month.  We were very gratified to have 98 in attendance this afternoon.  The talk was terrific, as we knew it would be, the conversation with the speaker which followed was enlightening, and the raw food that the Columbia Raw Food Feasters brought to share was delicious, nutritious, and quite well received.  We’ll hope that some folks who were experiencing Raw Food for the first time will add more of it to their diets, and visit us soon at one of our potlucks!

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