Chaga Tea

When you order raw Chaga, it will arrive as chunks of thick mushroom mycelium

-Break up the Chaga chunks not smaller pieces with a screwdriver and small hammer.  Some  people grind this material up further with a coffee grinder.

– Combine the Chaga with water.  Use approximately 1-2 times the amount you would use for making coffee, so about ½ cup Chaga for 2 quarts of water

– Place the tea into a large pot or crock-pot and heat it up slowly. You don’t’ want to bring the water to a boil. Water temperatures over 180 degrees F can destroy some of the beneficial Chaga chemicals.  A crock-pot that registers the temperature is nice but not mandatory. Aim for about 150 degrees which will extract the beneficial elements without breaking down their chemical structures.

– Allow the tea to simmer for about 8 hours.  This long simmer helps break down the tough matrix of chitin and polysaccharide molecules found in mushrooms.  Once these molecules are broken down, they further release the biologically active chemicals locked within their matrix

– Filter out the residual Chaga material after your simmer is finished.

-Store the tea and drink either warmed or cold at your leisure. Add a little honey if you like.


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