Cooling Thai Tea

This light refreshing drink is reminiscent of iced tea. It’s the perfect complement to a spicy meal, or you can serve it as a cooling beverage on a hot day.

You can make Thai Tea one day in advance and keep it chilled in the refrigerator.

8 cups water
32 fresh basil leaves
6 Tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
6 Tablespoons Agave or Maple syrup or other sweetener of choice
2 Tablespoons minced galangal or grated fresh ginger
Slices of lemon or lime

Combine all but the sliced lemons in a blender and blend until well combined.Strain through a nutmilk bag or fine mesh strainer. Pour into tall glasses filled with ice and garnish with a slice of lemon.

From Raw Food Celebrations, by Nomi Shannon and Sheryl Duruz.

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