Dara’s Raw Chocolate Bark

raw chocolate bark
Raw Chocolate Bark — So Delicious!

(If you’ve been experimenting with raw foods for awhile, you may have most of these ingredients, or substitute things that you do have.  You may also want to add a little more of a sweetener – agave or coconut nectar. If this is all new to you, it’s worth getting all the things together—you don’t want to miss this wonderful treat filled with nutrition and tastiness! It’s very delicious! And special for Valentine’s month!—JWS) 

Chocolate Recipe

1 cups raw cacao paste (1/2 lb. block)
½ cup coconut oil
½ cup coconut nectar

Dry Ingredients 

1 Tbs maca powder
1 Tbs mesquite
1 tsp vanilla bean powder (or vanilla)
½ tsp Celtic Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt


Handfuls of any of the following:
Goji berries
Golden berries
Raw pecans, jungle peanuts, almonds
Mango cut into peanuts
Other dried fruits – use your imagination here.


Fill a pot ¼ of the way up with water.
Place Chocolate ingredients in a pyrex measuring cup.
On low heat, warm water and place pyrex in pot, melt the three liquids together.
Slowly add the rest of the ingredients while stirring. (This will take close to an hour. Be patient.)

In low glass dishes sprinkle inclusions, then pour chocolate, sprinkle again.

Freeze. Then chop or break.

Keep in freezer until gone.

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