DIY Sauerkraut

Cabbage has naturally occurring Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is a bacteria that is excellent for gut health and will help the sauerkraut ferment.  You can use additional probiotic powder, but it is optional

5 lbs. (2.3 kg) shredded cabbage, red or green or a mix of both
2 Tbs (36 g) salt
1 cup (100 g) chopped scallions (optional)
1 Tbs (7 g) crushed caraway (optional)
1 Tbs (10 g) minced garlic (optional)
1 cup (150 g) chopped green bell pepper (optional)
1 tsp probiotic powder (optional)

Peel several full leaves from the outside of the cabbage and was them, then set them aside.

Cut the cabbage into wedges.  Grate the cabbage using a box grater or the grater on your food processor.

Place the grated cabbage in a large bowl, and sprinkle the salt over it.  Using your hands, massage the salt into the cabbage until the cabbage is softened, and has reduced in size, and the juices are coming out nicely.

Sauerkraut is delicious on its own, or additions can be made. If desired, mix in your choice of optional additions.  Place the cabbage in a very large glass container, or a few smaller ones.  (1 qt. Mason jars work well.) Press the grated cabbage mixture down and pack it in tightly.  This has the added benefit of creating a more juicy brine. Pour the juices, known as brine, over the mixture until it covers the cabbage.  It is essential that the cabbage be completely covered with the brine. Otherwise it will mold. The cabbage cannot come into contact with the air because it will spoil.

Place a few cabbage leaves over the top of the cabbage mixture in the jar, and then weigh it down to push the cabbage leaf fully under the brine.

Place the jar in a cool, dark room, and allow it to set for about 10 days. Then do a taste test, and see if you like the flavor.  Use it at 10 days, or allow it to ferment longer. Once it’s reached the perfect flavor, scoop it out into smaller canning jars and place in the refrigerator.  Sauerkraut will last for several months when refrigerated.

Yield: 5 lbs (2.3kg)

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