Impressive Health-Boosting Benefits of Leafy Green Vegetables

leafy green mix
Leafy green vegetables can unlock many health challenges

It’s been a big week for Abundant Raw Life!

Our new website is up and running, and this is the first newsletter on AWeber, our new newsletter carrier. Lots of change, lots of challenge, lots of fun and the prospect of new things ahead! Do join me for the ride.

Lest too many things are too different too soon, I want to again share some important information about my favorite foods – the center of my diet, actually, and of my coaching programs — leafy green vegetables.

It’s no secret these days that leafy green vegetables are the nutritionally fashionable things to be eating these days. If you’ve already read my e-book about Green Smoothies, you know how important I think it is to include lots of leafy greens in your meal planning. Eating more of them could be the secret to unlock whatever health challenges you have, improve your energy and attitude. Let’s do a little review.

Most people do not eat enough leafy greens and their nutritional value is immense!

Here are some interesting facts about leafy greens:

Greens contain

  • more beta-carotene than carrots
  • more vitamin C than oranges
  • more vitamin E than whole grain wheat
  • more vitamin B2 than dairy milk
  • a complete amino acid profile (protein)
  • the best source of alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, and many others, which cleanse the body of bad bacteria, parasites, yeast, etc.

People who add more leafy greens to their diets report these sorts of changes

  • A big boost in thinking power
  • A better mood
  • A healthier body weight
  • Reduced stress
  • A healthier heart
  • Increased energy
  • A slow-down in the deterioration that comes with aging
  • A boost immunity to stem off flu, other viruses, and bacteria
  • Relief from headaches and asthma
  • Clearer skin, silkier hair, and stronger nails.

This is just the beginning of the list of positive changes that occur.

How is it that eating more leafy green vegetables can account for so much good news in the body? Let’s look at a few of the big reasons.

First, chlorophyll abounds in green things, and serves as the “blood” of the plants just as hemoglobin is the blood in the human body. The only difference between the two is the nucleus of each atom. Iron is the nucleus in hemoglobin, while the nucleus of chlorophyll is magnesium. Eating greens daily is like giving your body a transfusion – one that is beneficial, increasing your energy and vitality.

Second, all vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients complement or interact with each other in the human body. It is very important to keep your body in an alkaline state rather than an acidic state. In order to get enough minerals in your diet which are alkaline-producing, it is important to eat more greens than even a daily salad can provide. (And a daily green salad is a wonderful thing!)

Enter Green Smoothies!

If chewing dark leafy green vegetables all day long doesn’t appeal to you, consider drinking some of them, which is great way to insure that you’re getting enough minerals to keep your body alkaline, and thus protected from many disease processes.

Green Smoothies are very easy to make. The blending process ruptures the cell wall and makes the greens completely ready for your body to assimilate, without destroying the all-important fiber. For a good quick start to all the “how-tos” of green smoothies, download my free e-book here. It is full of information, direction, and recipes to get you all set up with perhaps the best improvement you could make with your diet.

Vary the greens you use. Spinach is a good place to start with green smoothies, but if we lived in nature, we would never survive eating only the fruit of one tree or the greens of one variety. We are built for and require a wide variety of foods, the leafy green foods included. Fortunately, there are many that are readily available: spinach, kale broccoli, mustard greens, collard greens, lettuces (the colorful ones), and edible wild greens such as lambs quarters, leafy celery, chickweed, etc.

Have fun with your green smoothies!  The number of variations you can  try is endless, and each variation will bring you a grand bunch of nourishing, healing, energizing nutrients.  Enjoy!

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