“Is the Rest of Your Family Raw?”

I get this question all the time!  The short answer is “No.”  The longer answer is, “Well, my husband is a man of many diets, one of which is Raw, and he never met a menu he didn’t like.”  Of our 6 daughters, all eat fairly healthy versions of the Standard American Diet, and will try things that I present when I visit them, or they visit us here.  Mostly, with a couple of more accepting or even eager exceptions, they raise their eyebrows in toleration. We have 26 grandchildren from age 21 to 16 months.  One, Leah, is Raw. She first introduced me to Raw several years ago (pictured above) . Another is vegetarian, moving toward vegan, and a third is mostly vegetarian, but has recently re-introduced some chicken into his diet.

As we go along, though, there are some things that my grandchildren enjoy making in the kitchen with me.  One is making juice.  In a recent blog I spoke of how much I like my new Omega Juicer.  Last weekend one family of grandchildren got to try it out.

While they were here, we also made some raw fudge balls, an activity that always seems to work its way into our sporadic and activity-packed weekend visits.  (None of our children live nearby, so we see them and the grandchildren relatively  infrequently.) Here are some pics of Michaela, Nathan, and Ella Wright having fun creating balls and other things with raw fudge.  We all had plenty to eat, and they each took a baggie full for their 6 hour ride home. 
Let me know if you’d like a copy of the recipe!

I had this great idea about the children creating their own happy faces for Sunday breakfast.  They were not nearly as enthused as I was about the idea, but played along.  Ella had the most fun, using raisins, blue berries and juice, and almond butter on the banana smile. Michaela experimented with a variety of  nuts and seeds, and Nathan turned his into a sad face with his favored raspberries,  which we did not discuss.

Let me know what fun raw things you do with children.  I have alot to learn in this area!

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  1. I love the sad face – too funny!
    I do raw food with my children quite often for breakfast and snacks. We always sign up for healthy treat to bring to school holidays and the kids always get excited about the fun veggie skeletons and graveyard we did this year for Halloween. I think getting kids involved with every step from visiting farms and healthy markets, to selecting the veggies, to preparing the food and making it look fun to eat really helps!

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