Miso Avocado Soup

A raw version of the traditional Japanese soup makes use of unpasteurized miso paste that adds texture and flavor.  Miso is a fermented food and contains naturally occurring pro-biotics – great for good digestion and a healthy gut.

½ cup fresh shitake mushrooms, sliced thin.
1 tsp. nama shoyu
1Tbs. freshly squeezed lemon juice
½ tsp. olive oil
2Tbs. unpasteurized barley miso
4 cups filtered water
¼ cup avocado, mashed
1/2 cup mung sprouts
1Tbs. green onion, sliced thin

  1. Place shitakes, nama shoyu, lemon juice, and olive oil in a bowl and stir. Marinate at room temperature for up to 1 hour.
  1. Optional: dehydrate at 110 degrees for 1 hour instead of simply marinating.
  1. Place miso, water, and avocado in a blender, and blend on low to medium speed for 20 or 30 seconds or until smooth. (Overblending, especially at high speeds, might cause the soup to foam.)
  1. Pour into bowls, add mushroom mixture, and top with mung sprouts and green onion slices. Serve. 

Tasteful Tip: Marinating the mushroom mixture is an excellent way to create great flavor and depth.  And dehydrating softens the mushrooms and increases the mingling of flavors, giving the feeling that the soup’s been cooked, which many people like.  Dehydrating soups at 110 degrees is a good way to warm them up and brings out that comfy soup satisfaction. 

From The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw: A Fresh Approach to Eating Well, with over 150 Delicious Recipes

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