Success Stories

“I have learned to take the time for myself and my health!”

Jane is an awesome health coach to work with!  I started the program knowing that I needed to eat healthier and wanted to lose weight.  I have, over my lifetime, gained and lost weight, only to gain it back.  I knew I didn’t want just another diet!  I also knew that there were certain foods and drinks that I would not give up.  I knew that I would never become a vegetarian or eat strictly raw foods.

Jane listened to what I wanted to accomplish and took into consideration my lifestyle and the changes that I wanted to make as well as the changes I would not consider.  Together, we came with a sustainable plan that I could work into my lifestyle without giving up things that I loved.  Jane was able to help with alternatives for foods and drinks that I could incorporate, so I didn’t feel like I was missing anything!

Over the course of our six months together, I was able to lose some weight, but more importantly, I have learned to take the time for myself and my health!  With Jane’s help, I found a healthier, more energetic version of myself!! I am very grateful for that.

Sherri Neuner, Mortgage Loan Officer
Columbia, MO

“I began to trust my body again and to regain my self-esteem.”

My doctor recommended that I see Jane for help improving my diet. At the time I had several medical concerns – thyroid imbalance, autoimmune issues involving my gut and my heart, brain fog, memory problems, insomnia, headaches, and neck stiffness. I was too young and too busy for all of this!

I was not prepared to give up on myself, so I met with Jane and started my journey to get my life back. With her listening, support, holding me accountable for my decisions. and helping me adjust my food and lifestyle so that I became healthier and more able to live my life the way I wanted to live it.  I began to trust my body again and to regain my self-esteem.

My health has improved dramatically and my whole world seems brighter. My health has improved dramatically.  I am a better employer, wife, and mother. I am not totally out of the woods medically, but when I have tough days I no longer go to that place in my head in which I saw my world ending and a life ahead of me of sickness.  Now I remind myself that Jane said we are here on this planet not to survive, but to thrive. I feel much closer to that now than I ever have before.

Chris Walsh, Business Owner
Jefferson City, MO

“Our son’s food sensitivities diminished remarkably, and his overall health improved as well.”


When my 11 year old son was diagnosed with many food sensitivities, his allergist recommended Jane’s services. Our son’s food sensitivities diminished remarkably, and his overall health improved as well.

Our whole family benefitted from the program. We all have much greater energy levels, and our sleep patterns are much better. We know a great deal about more about nutrition and the part it plays in our health. Jane is a good listener and a good communicator. She is dedicated to personally tailoring a program that fits the demands of particular lifestyles and provides support as well as accountability along the way. I recommend Jane Smith and her Abundant Raw Life Health Coaching program.

Kimmy Tadrus, Working Mom
Moberly, MO

“I learned a different way to view and think about food…I sleep much better and ache much less.”

Why would I need a health coach?  I am a nurse. I counsel people all the time about their health. I know what is healthy and

what is not.  The problem was that my own health was not improving.  I was not able to follow the recommendations that I so easily gave to others.

I was too busy, too tired, too hungry, too whatever.  I was gaining more and more weight. My joints were achy and I was short of breath after a little exercise.  Finally, after a vacation on which I felt miserable, bloated, uncomfortable and sad, I set aside my pride and asked for help.

Jane helped me to learn a lot about myself and how I was sabotaging my own health plans. She helped me to set individualized and realistic goals and to evaluate them and my behaviors. In her coaching program, I learned a different way to view and think about food and to find foods that I like and let go of some that I don’t like.

My appetite decreased, I have lost 20 pounds, I have lots more energy, and I sleep better and ache less, and I am exercising regularly. I feel strong mentally and physically, I am willing to try new foods and ways to prepare them. Other areas of my life have also improved – I spend less time on social media, more time reading and meditating, and, oh, yes, exercising more.

Jane has been a blessing to me and my life. I am much happier and healthier because of my time with her.

Beth Schroeder, Nurse Practitioner
Moberly, MO

“Jane listened to my particular digestive issues and culinary needs.”


Jane Smith is informed, insightful, and inspiring. And, she has the ability to listen. Rather than imposing an already established diet regimen, Jane listened to my particular digestive issues and culinary needs did her homework and tailored our coaching sessions accordingly. As a result, my gut pain is gone, my GERD is under control, and I am enjoying life again. For that, I am most grateful! I highly recommend Jane as a Health Coach.

William Claassen, Author
Columbia, MO.

”A holistic approach to getting and staying healthy.”


I came to Jane Smith and her Health Coaching program because I wanted to improve my diet and thus experience better health. I wanted to lose weight and exercise more regularly. Jane provided a holistic approach to getting and staying healthy. She was responsive and flexible, providing very helpful feedback, insights, and suggestions..

Today my diet is much healthier, I am more aware of my choices and the ways I can sabotage my efforts if I’m not paying attention. Even better, I have a stronger commitment to maintaining my good health and well-being. I am happy to have lost some weight and enjoy the extra energy I have. I enthusiastically recommend Jane Smith to anyone who wants to learn more and improve their health.

Kathy Weinstock, Retired Social Worker
Columbia, MO

“I lost weight, my blood pressure is down, and I have much less joint pain!”

clinical social worker

I feel much healthier now than I did before I began working with Jane and her Abundant Raw Life program. I lost weight, and my blood pressure is down, and I have much less joint pain!
Jane introduced me to several delightful recipes. I have far fewer cravings now and do not feel hungry mid-day. Green smoothies have become a part of my daily food intake. Jane has been a wonderful guide and encourager – helping me develop a healthy and sustainable wellness plan for my mind, body, and spirit.

Diana Walz, Clinical Social Worker
Columbia, MO

“My back pain has decreased, the headaches are gone, and my digestive system works well.”

My entire digestive system was in an uproar when I started working with Jane. Not only that, I had severe back issues which caused near-constant pain, several food allergies, frequent headaches, and was taking thyroid medication.

Looking back, I had no idea how important it was to eat well in order to feel healthy. I was a very picky eater, so Jane had her work cut out for her. Mostly I wanted to learn which foods I could eat since my diet was already restricted due to my allergies.

I was also so busy taking care of my husband, children, and a room full of third-graders, that I was neglecting to take care of myself. While working with Jane, I learned to eat in a more healthy way, understanding how foods affect my physical and emotional health. I tried new foods, (and liked them), found some safe exercises that my sensitive back would tolerate, and, in general, learned to treat myself closer to the way I was treating everyone else.

Learning to acknowledge and respect my own needs was a major breakthrough! I’m a much healthier person now. I have plenty of energy to take care of my responsibilities at home and school as well as for myself. My back hurts much less, the headaches are gone, my digestive system works well, and I feel much more positive about all aspects of my life. Jane was a supportive and competent guide through the whole process. I have a whole new life because of my experience with her.

Jenny Keller, Teacher
Boonville, MO

“I am eating some new foods, and have enjoyed adapting old recipes to the needs of my body.”


When I found out I was highly sensitive to eggs, dairy, and wheat, I quit them, cold turkey, and immediately was breathing better than I had in years. But what was I to eat? It seemed like everything had been taken from me. My doctor referred me to Jane, and the adventure began.

Jane helped me to set realistic goals. My main goals were to make sure I was getting adequate nutrition with my restricted diet and to regain some semblance of order in some non-food-related areas of my life. These goals, as well as many others along the way, were met in my work with Jane.

Jane was very clear in the beginning about her own raw vegan lifestyle, as well as assuring me that no one diet works for everyone. Her aim was to help me find good, healthy eating patterns that suited me and my lifestyle. She made some suggestions, and she also encouraged me to redo my husband’s and my favorite dishes with ingredients that my body would enjoy rather than reject. She helped me to feel confident in my choices, so I got more and more creative.

Now I no longer think of my diet as “restricted, and I am considering writing my own cookbook for people with food sensitivities similar to mine! I learned about new foods, and I learned how to make some old familiar foods and ingredients in new ways. Jane encouraged me to play with my food, and now I do just that! And I am much more careful about reading labels than I was.

As a health coach, Jane ranks at the top of the list. Problems, dietary and otherwise, get her full attention. She suggests, doesn’t push, and what she does suggest is gold. She wants what is best for her clients, and knows how to help them get it. I hope to have her for a friend for many years.

Judy Stock, Author, Columnist, Editor
Boonville, MO

“I gained much clearer skin, lost weight, and reduced digestive upsets and anxiety episodes.”


I began Jane’s program wanting to reduce my weight, stiffness, digestive issue occurrences, and anxiety. With her teaching, encouraging and supporting, I accomplished all those goals. I gained much clearer skin, and a resolve to keep eating and exercising my way into a healthier future. Anyone who wants to eat, look, and feel better, can benefit from having Jane as a Health Coach.

Nancy Cook, Hospital Administrator
Houston, TX

“My pain has disappeared, I need far less medication, and I have great new energy and enthusiasm for life.”

Karen I lived in a great deal of pain for many years, beginning in 1994.  First, there were headaches, then severe headaches, and the pain in my whole body so much that I had to cancel a plane trip.  The back of my legs hurt so badly that I just couldn’t sit.

I was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia and high blood pressure.  My pain was so untouchable by all the medical attempts of relief that I spent a good deal of time rolling around on the floor and having to crawl to get to the bathroom. I was miserable! When I walked, it was very slow, and I had difficulty hanging onto even a plate. (I dropped several.)

I eventually found a doctor who helped me with acupuncture and some supplements to replace some nutrients I was missing.  Several times this doctor recommended that I see Jane.  When I finally did contact her and began to work with her, my life got better in a hurry, on all levels – body, mind, and spirit.

Jane helped me with my diet, encouraged gentle exercise as we went along, and after a very short time I was off all my pain medications!  It was amazing!

Today I no longer have a fibromyalgia diagnosis. I need far less medication for blood pressure and thyroid, and with continued proper eating and living, I hope to need even less.

The most significant change for me in Jane’s Health Coaching Program is the disappearance of pain and the gaining of energy and enthusiasm for life. I exercise regularly now and am enjoying learning new things every day. I have even begun a “Healthy Eating Lunch Group” in my area, which keeps me on track and enables me to share with others what I have learned.

As a coach, Jane was very confident that my health could and would improve. She was understanding, encouraging, and supportive, and also firm. I have learned many things from her and am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better!

Karen Lujin, Administrative Assistant
Versailles, MO

“I am healthier than I have been in many years. I gained energy, clearer skin, and enthusiasm for good food.  I lost weight, indigestion spells, and food cravings.”

Leigh Tenkku Lepper 124x124However, I could not ignore the growing number of poor health symptoms – increased cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure, and inflammation – that have been getting worse with each passing year. Now, finally, I had elevated insulin levels that my doctor says will qualify me as borderline pre-diabetic. That was the final trigger, and I knew I had to do something.  I went to Jane and lucky for me, we had an instant rapport!  As I listened to her on the first day of my free consult, I was reminded of earlier years when my diet was much healthier than what I had allowed it to become.

I began coaching with Jane and shortly noticed some positive changes. The positives got better with each visit, and all of my symptoms reversed themselves to the point that I am now healthier than I have been in many years. I gained energy, clearer skin, and enthusiasm for good food.  I lost weight, indigestion spells, and food cravings. More than the physical improvements, I feel a deep satisfaction knowing that I am serving my body well. I also feel much more connected with our beautiful planet which provides us such wonderful sustenance.

Jane coaches with a gently guiding, persistent hand, and shares plenty of knowledge and empathy.  I am grateful for her companionship in my endeavors to regain my health.

Leigh Tenkku Lepper
Lohman, MO

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