Three Habits of Successful People

Most of us have some things going on in our lives at which we’d like to be successful. Those things don’t have to be about fame and fortune, or in other ways we usually hear the term “success.” Some of the things that we are trying to improve in the areas of our diet and lifestyle… Read more

New Year’s Goal Setting

These days between Christmas and New Year’s offer just enough letdown after the preparing for and then sharing of gifts, gatherings with  family and friends, and, enjoying wonderful meals. It’s all great stuff, and as life begins to slow a bit, many of us have enough quiet time to begin to contemplate the coming of the new year, and… Read more

Why Eat Raw?

I hear this question a lot in my health coaching practice, and there are several answers, most having to do with the benefits that people experience when they greatly increase the amount of Raw Foods in their diets. I see it all the time – the reversal of all manner of unwanted conditions, such as… Read more

While it’s Still Spring – FLING!

March and April are the typical months for spring cleaning.  Everyone knows that early spring is a good time to declutter closets, donate things for garage sales, and scrub nooks and crannies to squeaky clean.  Now that the season has ripened and greened, consider these three things that you can fling this spring to restore… Read more