More on Travelling Raw

A week of yoga I’m leaving for a trip to Mexico in a few days.  I’m going on a yoga trip with our oldest daughter, Lisa, and her recently-graduated-from-college-daughter, Melissa. At the same time, several folks have been asking me about maintaining a high raw diet while travelling. I have addressed the issue in other… Read more

Travelling Raw — Homemade Trail Mix!

  Assume nothing! Always bring some food along for yourself I addressed this travelling issue years ago in an early blog.  You may want to back up and see what I said there.  Today I want to reflect on a recent trip I took, and some of my observations about trying to maintain a high… Read more

RAGBRAI — Eating after Long Hours on the Bike

Life is relatively simple on a long bike ride.  Ride, eat, shower, eat, rest, eat, rest eat, repeat until an early bedtime.  For me, the biking day was generally over near lunch time.  After a morning of bananas, watermelon and fruit smoothies, which tasted wonderful on the road, I was ready for some menu diversity. The… Read more