The Way it Grows!

Eating raw in public places is enough of an oddity that some people get really curious about it. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was in a faraway city with some colleagues whom I cherish, and whom I generally see only twice a year.  Two of them have been watching how I order my food in restaurants for a couple of years now. They have correctly observed how I always get served some really nice looking salads in unfamiliar places that aren’t necessarily on the menu.  (It’s a skill I’ve cultivateed in the 4+ years of my raw living.) 
Anyway, I’ve seen it before.  First they watch me order, then they order what I order, then they want recipes and/or book recommendations, and then they tell me that they’re trying out the raw vegan way of eating and life. And the word spreads, and then the country gets demonstrably healthier.  It’s all good  I love it!


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