Two Big Reasons to Consider a Detox or Cleanse.

What a trying time we have had, starting with the Covid-19 ongoing scare and destruction that began eighteen months ago, through way too many illnesses and deaths because of it, the unrest over businesses and schools opening and closing, and the dozens of other situations that have suffered because of it!

Is it any wonder that we have turned to a more-than-usual eating pattern, too much food in general, and certainly more than our usual amounts and frequency of comfort foods, which we know are not actually helping us, but get us through the tough moments?  I think not.

The time is right, then, to reign our best selves back in to some diet and lifestyle matters that can actually help us to feel our best as they give us the strength and will to meet the still-on-the-rise number of issues in our times in our country, our work places, homes, and bodies.  If you have never experienced a cleanse or detox ( I use the terms interchangeably), maybe now is the time. I have been offering one a few times a year for the last few years as a part of my health coaching programs.  Stay with me here as I tell you why I love them so, and why I think doing a cleanse might be a good thing for right now.

What is a Detox or Cleanse?

When you hear the term, maybe you think of strange herbal concoctions or pungent wheatgrass shots. Maybe you’ve heard stories from people who experienced significant discomfort in the early days of a cleanse. On the other hand, maybe you’ve heard other reports of incredible physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of a deep cleanse.

Either way, some clarity here may help you to understand two things – 2 big reasons to consider a detox or cleanse.

  1. Reasons to cleanse -why it’s important to give our bodies a break from regular activity for a time.
  2. Benefits to be had from detoxing -some ideas about how your life may be improved by engaging in a cleanse.

What is a Cleanse?

A cleanse (or detox) is a short-term food and lifestyle “diet” designed to help your body flush the toxins to which it is usually exposed in food and in the environment. It is a short-term intervention designed to eliminate toxins from the body, promote health, and encourage any needed weight loss. In essence, it is really just creating the perfect conditions to support our body in doing the job it was designed for…detox.

Our magnificent body is constantly working to dispel toxins and unwanted matter from its various systems. Over time, it gets run down from unhealthy food choices, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, stress, and environmental toxins that are a part of everyday modern life. Even people with the best diets cannot avoid breathing in things in the air that we were never intended to breathe.

Taking time to cleanse the body and nurture these vital organs goes a long way in preventing of illnesses, as well as providing some immediate effects, such greater energy, clearer skin, better digestion, mental clarity, and much more. These effects occur because the cleanse gives those hard-working tired organs a rest and restores them to maximum function in fairly short order.

How Do I Know If My Body Needs a Detox?

When our body’s system gets over-worked and run-down, tell-tale signs occur. Here are 10 of them, very briefly.

  • Constant fatigue, stress, and a sense of being close to overwhelmed
  • Frequent headaches and/or a lack of mental clarity. (Brain fog)
  • Frequent skin breakouts and blemishes and/or dull and lackluster complexion.
  • Susceptibility to colds, cases of cases of flu, bugs, and viruses, sometimes requiring medication
  • Troublesome digestion – uncomfortable and irregular
  • Opting more and more for less healthy food choices, such as fried foods, processed meat, dairy, gluten, processed foods, refined sugar, or fast food.
  • Frequent consumption of coffee, alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise), or cigarettes.
  • Exposure to common environmental toxins such as carbon emissions, cigarette smoke, herbicides, pesticides, artificial fragrances, and household chemicals.
  • Carrying excess weight.
  • Frequent feelings of depression, lacking motivation, energy, and enthusiasm for life.

A cleanse is a wonderful opportunity to give your body a break and allow your own self-cleansing and self-healing processes to work enthusiastically, without having to try to manage all those toxins. Our body is innately intelligent, and a short period of detoxing is the perfect way to hit the reset button and start on a path to a healthier, happier, and more vibrant you!

What Are the Components of a Cleanse?

The idea is to remove harmful food choices and lifestyle practices and for a short time replace them with things which the body loves, and on which it thrives.  Some of the things that receive particular attention are

  •  Proper hydration, which eliminates toxic particles and rejuvenates the cells
  • Exercise, which strengthens lung capacity and ability
  • Real, whole food, which deactivates toxins and removes them from the body, while providing high-quality nutrition for proper fueling.
  • Sleep, which assists with the rejuvenation of cells and helps with the healing and repair of your heart muscles and blood vessels
  • Being outside, which guarantees fresh air in your lungs, provides vitamin D, and boosts your mood.

And What Are the Benefits?

They abound! They also vary from person to person, depending on each individual’s body to discern what it most needs to heal and repair first. To be sure, though, almost everyone experiences some of each of the following:

  • Toxin removal from the body (environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives pesticides, heavy metals, and industrial waste which affect our metabolism, behavior, immune system, and ultimately cause disease.
  • Chronic disease prevention. Many diseases are caused, at least in part, by low-quality food and environmental toxins. Cleansing assists and improves what or body is trying to do naturally.
  • Immune System Function Enhancement. A compromised immune system makes us vulnerable to colds and flus, affecting our quality of life and productivity. Cleansing helps to strengthen the immune system and fight infection.
  • Weight Loss. With the body’s natural ability to burn fat unencumbered by having to deal with constant toxic input, metabolism is increased, and unwanted pounds leave.
  • Quality of Life Improvement and Increased Energy. People have more mental, physical, and emotional energy after cleansing. They also sleep better and need less of it. Premature aging is slowed.
  • Clearer Skin and Healthier Hair. Acne is improved and a natural, healthy glow prevails.
  • Mental and Emotional Clarity. When the body’s systems are balanced and aligned, we think more clearly and feel more grounded, analyze more accurately, make better decisions, and, in general, see things differently.

The Two  Big Reasons to Cleanse, again, are

  • Anyone, even those on the healthiest of diets and living in relatively non-toxic environments has some toxic buildup from years of low-quality food and substances in the air and fabric of our modern life.
  • Anyone who takes the short amount of time and makes the relatively minor adjustments to do a detox will reap some of all the benefits that are briefly noted here.

Do consider a cleanse or detox.  You won’t be disappointed. You can have better health at any age!

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