Raw Food Preparation Classes

In these hands-on classes, you’ll learn creative and simple ways to prepare healthy and amazingly delicious raw foods. These classes are a great way to immerse in the raw experience without having to pour through a stack of books or spend endless hours on the internet. All of them will help you to improve chronic conditions, manage aches and pains, and lose weight.

Are Raw Food Prep Classes for You?

If you want to know more about the benefits of raw food cuisines and how to prepare dishes that are delicious, nutritious, and easy to make, you’ll love my classes! My raw food classes are also for those wanting to limit the number of additives and processed foods put into their bodies in favor of eating whole, rich foods in their most natural states.

Benefits of Raw Food Prep Classes

  • Lose a lot of weight
  • Feel better and more energized
  • See an end to minor aches and pains
  • Be less sensitive to seasonal allergies such as the flu, colds, etc.

Two Levels of Raw Food Classes

Level 1
The level 1 class includes seven variety dishes such as a dip, raw marinara, zucchini pasta, pasta alfredo, and more! This class takes about three hours to complete.

Level 2

The level 2 class includes even more variety dishes such as raw pizza, calzones, raw chili, and more! The level two class is a two-day event.

Contact a few friends to make a party of either level or both of them!